Merlin’s moon rocks

Are these the dry lightly dusted ones, or do they legitimately have oil on them?


  • @MerlinsMagic Do Your moonrocks have concentrate inside them? I am also curious. Please let us know, thanks in advance.

  • I just got them in. I can confirm that this bad boys are covered in concentrate and kief

  • Sounds great, thanks for the info on the question@Pooinaloo. I know what my next order will be!

  • How do we get promo codes on this site, or do any of thee shippers ever give promo codes?

  • I’m not sure. I’ve never used a promo code before

  • Ok thanks for the reply. Blessing to you.

  • edited June 1

    @Olderladyhippie they no longer have promo codes but have an awesome sale 2-3 times a yr. A unique code is given at that time. Next one probably Thanksgiving or Christmas I’d guess.

  • Our next sales are on Cyber Monday and our Christmas sale. We post the discount codes on the forum so look out for the codes then.

  • Yes, the moonrocks I stock have a ton of concentrate and kief.

  • Thanks, I will try them soon, I love the wedding cake wax, and the price was discounted, you guys it is lovely! Merlin did magic with it!

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