This is my all time favorite daytime strain. This is flavorful with orangey citrus smell and taste. Just the right amount of Sativa to give u get up and go but still calming. Colors are more vibrant and has that floaty feel and perfect for a Sunny☀️Day and an outdoor activity. I have had many batches of this strain and this green house is as good as premiums I have had in the past. I am a heavy smoker and this is my go to first smoke of the day.


  • Any rapid heartbeat, or anxiety? In your experience 😊
    I once enjoyed sativas during the day, but in the last, 3-5yrs, I can't handle them because of the above reasons.
    Currently stoned, sorry for the rambling, lol💚

  • This does not give me rapid heart beat but a lot of Satvia do. For me it’s perfection.

  • @Gus
    Thanks buddy 😉

  • I’m generally not good with anything that leans sativa, but I might have to give Mimosa a try. Thanks @Gus

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