Ordered some Premium Mimosa Tuesday evening and was at my door by Friday...I live in Missouri! Excellent shipping time. Anyway, there was some post earlier about customers receiving shake in their order. I received my order from Med Mama and got nothing but big, juicy, and dense buds. Not sure which shipper the shake was coming from but I just wanted to assure everyone that it is not the norm to receive shake. Been with MM/MB for 4 years now and always received quailty flower whether it was discount , greenhouse/indoor, or premium.
Stay High My Friends!
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  • I wish I could post a picture of the
    dried-parsley-looking shake In my bag. But that shouldn't be necessary as I have no intent to complain (some smoke is better than no smoke).
    After reading your post I've become a bit jealous.
    This Indoor Holy Grail I got Wednesday and the Greenhouse Sour Kush I got, were pathetic. The quality was/is the complete opposite of everything I've come to expect from The Medicineman.
    I've had the pleasure of being a customer for about 4 months now......
    So far I've had...
    ID Wedding Cake MM.
    ID Dosidis MM.
    ID Willie Nelson Reserve MM.
    ID Cinderella 99 Loud&co.
    ID Gorilla Glue MM.
    ID DJ short Blueberry Loud &co.
    ID Strawberry Dream Loud&co.
    GH Blue Dream Loud &co.
    GH Sour Kush MM.
    Every thing has been top notch......
    Except for this Holy Holy Grail, it tastes good but this bag is a TOTAL DISAPPOINT. And the Sour Kush was midgrade at best.

  • Holy grail description, says top-quality bud. How was the Willie Nelson reserve when you got it?

    The medium sized nugs are a nice with a little give, lovely crystals and diminutive dark orange hairs. Top quality bud

  • The Indoor Willie Nelson Reserve was fantastic. It had a deep organic, earthy, complex flavor like top quality leather, cracked black pepper and saffron. It tastes "old-fashioned" like something a Distinguished Gentleman would pack into a pipe made from briarwood .
    The head high was potent, yet inspirational (it didn't put your brain on pause) or cause paranoia, I was able to get moving and get shit done. I was still able to do some accounting (math) without mistakes.
    The consistency of the Willie Nelson Reserve was perfectly cured (not dried out) and the nugs were uniform. The 1/4oz. I got, had about 6-7 1gram nuggets.
    On the Indoor Holy Grail.
    I'm sure that [a month ago], when It first hit the site, it was well received and accurately reflected the Medicineman's description of medium sized nugs, little give, lovely crystals and orange hairs. My bag did not fit the description. The little pea-sized one-hitter nugs taste good but the shake (2 grams of it) tastes like lawn clippings, like it's the "fan leaves" of the plant and not "flower". Not "top quality" bud. The strain of Holy Grail is "top quality " but nothing that comes from the bottom of the batch is "top".
    I'd buy it again if I was guaranteed some actual colas.

  • This is all fantastic feedback, thanks everyone!

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