Live rosin

Anyone ever try it? @MerlinsMagic can you provide any? Live rosin is supposedly the king of concentration. All natural, full spectrum.


  • i had it once, it was great, I would like to have some more.

  • It was just on the menu "Merlin's" GSC and its heavenly. Grab a live resin cart when it shows back up. Totally different experience than a regular cart. Llve rosin comes in about 58% thc while a regular concentrate cart is 88-98% thc. The difference is the best of both worlds you get the full spectrum of cannabinoids with the live resin..🔥💚💨🍀

  • Resin and rosin are not the same thing, rosin being the preferred of the two

  • @Fallguy tell it brother!! Yes the fresh pressed is preferable but the flash frozen is still better than any cart jmho.

  • I see people talking about diamonds. What is diamonds, a strain? I will never know unless I ask, right? So I am asking.

  • @Olderladyhippie it's a forn of concentrate. Supposed to be 99% pure thca...

  • Damn Merlin ignored my post ... no live rosin here

  • okay @Mr4Sher thank for letting me know, because I had no clue, lol.

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