Loud's Super Prem MAC1

1st, Ordered Sunday, & received today, so much better shipping time, in my opinion.

Super gorgeous, chunky buds, smooth smoke, and a high that kicks in with a slap in the skull.

It's classic MAC, smell, taste, and high. Well worth the price. 💚😊


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    I'm right there with ya my sister from a different mister. Beautiful bud's. This sale is cleaning out the cookie jar money. 😘

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    Those are some nice looking buds my friends! Aren't sales great that way...always cleaning me out!🤣🥳🧐

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    @MNTDWLER @TheProfessor

    Right? Lol! If it wasn't for the sale, then I wouldn't have gotten it, or idk maybe I would have lol.
    Quite loaded at the moment, yay! 🤣🤣💚

    Yea. Lmao. Dweller, my buddy. Aren't they just so icy? 🧊🧊🧊

    I ment to tag good ol @LoudnCo
    Again...highhhhhh soooo highhhh

  • @TheProfessor @MigraineWarrior79 lol screw the sale I would have ordered it anyway @LoudnCo has been my go to lately.😁 and this stuff is a 3 toke attitude adjustment. All for the better 🙃😉.

  • Beautiful! Thank you for the review & pic! Always appreciated. And you too @MNTDWLER! Glad you see you back in action 😎

    @MigraineWarrior79 😆 Being loaded is a great thing! Would loved to have grabbed some but like you said, I gotta pay those pesky bills. Not to mention fuel prices are ridiculous.

  • It's a great wake and bake

  • @MigraineWarrior79 @MNTDWLER aw shucks ya'll making us blush over here. Thank you always for the kind words. <3

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