Shrooms page is blank, is it just me?

I refreshed, closed the page and reopened and still its blank. Is there no product?


  • Merlin is out if concentrate too, something must be coming

  • Yup, when I was about to order too. :( Oh well

  • edited June 2022

    I was about to order as well :-/
    I’ve been using this site for years and I live in NJ where recreational is legal . But I only trust medman, which reminds me; I hope this section comes back (shroom)

  • @MILLoneION isn't it mad expensive though? I was thinking of making the trip from PA

  • They'll be back on the site today!

  • Awesome :-)

  • @KannaMannnn Expensive no, not really! BUT! If you want to experience it that’s one thing. When it comes to quality MedicineMan is the way to go without a doubt point blank. I have been to all but 2 dispensaries in NJ so you can take my word on it. Stick with this site, wouldn’t want to see you take the trip to be disappointed

  • @medboy Awesome! Thanks

  • I saw tidal wave shrooms. It's on the page but a blank (nothing) on order....just confused if anyone knows what's up...thx

  • @Lou_lew When its posted back up on the site it takes a little bit to register on the order page. It should be good now.

  • Thanks for response @medboy

  • Just got more powder for capsules! Will look for more <3

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