Tzunanmi review please

Was hoping someone could give a review of this one. Couldn't find anything on the Internet with this genetics. I went ahead and ordered some but was hoping someone could clue me in on taste, effects, and pics.... Thanks 😉


  • Following as well

  • Here's some pics haven't got to try it out yet

  • Is it smoking though

  • Thx! @Noj81 very frosty buds..looks 🔥

  • Nice frosty buds @Noj81!

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    @TheProfessor Wazzzuup! Stoned minds thinking alike again 😎

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    Enjoying the summer my friend @superman38NC and kicking back with the last bowl of my Sunset Sherbet! I don’t recall the menu description of Tsunami, but if it’s the Northern Lights #5 X Blueberry cross (wow!) that it could be, I may have really missed out.😕 Would love to see a review.😎🧐

  • Dayumm that looks delicious!

  • Alright what we all been waiting for the review... It hit nice and smooth with a strong head buzz in the beginning that tapered off but lingers... The body part of the high is nice and comfortable I'm relaxed and chill but not sedated although I wouldn't want to do anything strenuous... I would call this a great afternoon and/or social smoke... The taste is a pleasant herbal earthy fruity berry flavor.

  • Nice! Thanks @Noj81! From your description is sounds like a NL x Blueberry cross. Yep, I missed out!😕. Enjoy!😁😎🧐

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    Mmmm Sunset Sherbert is always a great evening choice! Maybe a fire batch will make its way to the menu soon..outdoor? 🥴. Have a great evening my friend! @TheProfessor
    @Noj81 sounds like a winner! I considered ordering but still have some Blueberry Scone and Gellatti from far not as frosty but still delicious..appreciate the review and pics!

  • Just finished my ss from 4/20 I believe been stretching it out since don't splurge on primo very often

  • Sad that it’s gone @Vapedad78 @superman38NC 😕. I’ll be on the lookout here (would love some outdoor Sunset Sherbet) and at my med. dispensaries, although I don’t see SS often around here. Fortunately, I have no shortage of flower and have several SS crosses to fall back on: King Sherbet, Gelato, and some Jealousy 😁😎🧐 until SS comes back around again. Hands down, my favorite strain, anytime of day!!👍🏼

  • Sherbet cake belive it was was pretty amazing as well

  • Yeah, had some of that Sherbet Cake too, really good, but it was from before 4/20 and is also all gone.😕 I think that it was as a SS phenotype but I never found anything about it other than the menu description…which was for SS 😁, so who knows…it was good!😎🧐

  • I recently got some King Sherbert, love the clear headed high. It’s def some good smoke

  • @Johnnyblue42 would love to see some pics of that king sherbet if u have any left

  • @Noj81 i have some left but my camera never really does the bud justice. They’re neon green medium sized and nice and frosty though, if that helps. The high is really in the middle of both. Very clear headed that ends with some munchies, great anytime smoke IMO.

  • Find any beans in your King Sherbet @Johnnyblue42? I’m finishing up an oz of KS from just before 4/20 and have found about a dozen bonus seeds!! It is a great anytime smoke, and for me is a great indica lovers wake-n-bake. It’s a KS summer morning!!😁😎🧐

  • @Johnnyblue42 @TheProfessor

    I received 16 bonus beans in my 2 zips of King Sherbet from the Spring. It's a favorite for sure!

  • Wow I haven’t found any yet, down to my last 2 grams though. Wish me luck lol I wouldn’t be mad at all!

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