Louds vapes

Does anyone have any feedback on louds vapes. I'm thinking about trying a couple but would like some feedback before I purchase. I'm a little scared because I dont know exactly what's in them since it doesn't tell you the ingredients or percentages. I dont want to be smoking on metals or vitamin E etc


  • Homemade and dispensary vapes get me STONED. About the last 2-3 years I haven't found any "freemarket" vapes that hit like they should, definitely makes me wonder what's really in them.

  • Agreed I think all vapes should have ingredients on them along with percentages on them and are lab tested so we know what we are smoking I dont want to get sick. I dont see any vapes here that are legit like that. If you get a plain cart how do you know what is in it. We need live resin carts or at least carts that are lab tested. This may be too much to ask for but health is important.

  • @Smokeone Yes 👍 I agree with you on the cart’s. I’m going to have to find me some live resin carts.. I would love to get Mac 1 or Jack herer or green crack in a cartridge..🫠

  • Use concentrates in a cartridge, if I was to vape something from here I'd use terp sauce and fill a cart. Otherwise I'd see how the youtubers make shatter work in a cart.

  • Well here is my experience (and for the record I PRAISE OG mamas carts and Merlins non-cali piff distillates) -- I recently bought 4 1g vapes from Loud. I was super hesitant when they came in bootleg carts and emailed @medman . He assured me that Loud fills them theirselves and are not the fake ones on the market. So... gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried 3/4 of the various 1 gram carts. They literally do NOTHING except feel like VITAMIN E wicked inhalation. I emailed @medboy about it and yeah he claimed it was my tolerance and said nothing they sell is fake. However I do not trust these vapes what so ever. He told me he would pass the feedback onto @LoudnCo but 260$ down the drain essentially. Not fantastic customer service in my opinion, but what can you do.

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    inb4 the thread gets closed because I am sharing my own experience... I am not claiming they are "fake" or trying to bash, but SHARE. I am highly suspicious and the carts scare me because I have literally not idea what I inhaled. But it was not THC

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    Thank you for your honest feedback. Which ones did you get?

  • @Smokeone all indica - Cookie, OG, Skywalker and I forget the last one

  • I did not research this myself but I was watching "dudegrows" and they were saying that you can make delta 9 from cbd(similar to how d8 is made) and much of your cheap free-market distillate is made from the cbd surplus. I wonder if this is why all the carts went to shit a few years ago.

  • @Fallguy maybe! But Med boy claimed that Loud makes their own carts so…. Doesn’t add up. I miss mama. Her prefilled carts were 🔥

  • But Merlin’s disty syringes aren’t bad at all just a pain in my butt lol

  • @medboy any input on getting new vapes?

  • We should be getting some fresh ones next week. :)

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    @LoudnCo When you say fresh do you mean different ones like Trendi or something else or same ones just newer

  • I am meeting with an old friend of mine and will be inspecting/trying his carts and if they pass, and are fill with only premium then I will grab some and see what you all think.

  • I got a new round of carts that have great flavor and packaging. Also new Live Resin carts finally coming in for processing now.

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