What Cryoto "ticker" does MM follow when determining payment.

I was placing an order for $115 and was gonna pay with litecoin. The MM payment email was wanting 2.0225 litecoin which, at this time, is $120.


  • It is what it is... exchange rates change minute to minute and platform to platform.

    I usually pay with BTC and feel that I pay around $10 in fees per $250 order. But I also feel the freebies with each order make up for the transaction fees.

    Again... it is what it is... gonna get taxed sometimes.

  • I'm talking about , does MM use Coinbase or or Coindesk or CryptoWatch or Binance.
    They all report different values at the same time on the same crypto currency
    and have a margin of like 5%-10% difference in valuation. I wanna know which one MM uses. Maybe Medboy will have an answer.

  • We use Bitstamp, FYI.

  • Thanks for the Info Medboy.

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