About a month ago I purchased a 1/2 oz of the Greenhouse Tahoe OG and I was amazed of the quality, I actually thought it was awesome! It was pretty good I'm not going to down play it!

Later, I read on this forum that the PREMIUM is way better! So, to myself I'm thinking how could PREMIUM be better than this Tahoe OG? Once, I got the right CC to make another purchased I gave it a shot and purchased the PREMIUM PURPLE PUNCH (1/2 oz)!

Once it arrived, I finally UNDERSTOOD!

Upon opening the box, you'll notice that that PREMIUM is top shelf! No extra stems or leaves, fluffy dense buds, rich/vivid color, smooth flavor and etc.

Again, I'm saying to myself is this sh*t real? So, I purchased a 1/4 oz of PREMIUM PUCK YEAH! I'm currently waiting on it now but for some reason I think I'm going to have the same exact experience!

If you can I'd highly recommend PREMIUM strains!

Shout-out to MM and MB, you guys are GREAT and HONEST! Thanks and many blessings to you and everyone else involved! BB

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