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Hello everyone. I am new here. Recently, my partner's doctor suggested the use of marijuana to help with his Parkinson's so I have been on a website called LEAFLY doing research into the effects of different strains, but have been unable to narrow down one particular strain for his hosts of symptoms.

Thus, I thought I would try this message board (thanks for accepting me) to see if any of you may be able to point me towards a strain or strains that could help us.

Here is what he is going through in a 24 hour period:

When he first wakes up, it's a lack of energy issue. Walking occurs in small steps, about a 6 inch stride.

Midday, he is OK, although sometimes he becomes depressed.

In early evening he suffers from major dyskinesia (uncontrolled muscle movement) and taking pharmaceuticals for this is no longer possible, as the medication that used to control the excessive movement caused hallucinations.

In the late evening close to bedtime, there comes major anxiety.

There are so many strains that address too many of the same issues. Would any of you be so kind as to assist in narrowing down which strains would be appropriate to possible help us during the various parts of the day?

Thank you in advance!!


  • Check out this website it has the top 5 strains that are best for Parkinson’s hope this helps

  • You may want to start by addressing your preferred "method of delivery". Such as.....Smoking, or Edibles or The Phoenix Tears (extracts) .
    Some folks can't swallow, or have specific dietary restrictions which makes edibles like gumdrops or lozenges not an option.
    Smoking and vaping may be too harsh or difficult to accomplish because it's not a very subtle way to medicate (everyone knows you are smoking) its not discreet. Furthermore, you really aren't allowed to smoke in public, leaving you to be at home or on private property to medicate.
    The syringes of the Phoenix Tears can be used orally or transdermal (rubbed into your skin). These also help you to measure and control specific dosage.
    In closing, determine how your partner wants to take the meds (smoke, food, extracts) it's an important part of the equation. All you mention is................
    "Dr. suggested the use of marijuana to help with his Parkinson's".
    I'm sure Medicineman Or Medboy will provide some insight.

  • Unfortunately I do not believe you are going to find one particular strain. the problem is with uniformity you can get the same weed both name sour diesel at two different times and they're going to probably have two totally different effects even though they're both sour diesel. I'm not sure how edibles or oils work but with the trees it's just gonna take experimentation and your going to probably end up with way more than one particular strain. . Also leafy gets a lot of its reviews from people on the West Coast , West Coast weed with the same name as on the East Coast are generally different.

  • Hello everyone, thank you for some insight. The issue with edibles is that it really doesn't enter his system until up to 2 hours after taking it. Furthermore, we are beginning to experience the swallowing issues. We were looking for something that would take effect within 1/2 hour.

    I also totally agree with medicating in public, and that did not cross my mind! Thanks for bringing that up. I've been so used to the fact that he very, very rarely leaves the house now because of his condition (weakness, lack of energy) that it never occured to me that he might need to medicate if we happen TO leave, in public.

    I do have a question about Phoenix Tears....would that happen to solve the issue regarding the fluctuating levels of uniformity? This might be the route we will end up going.

    It's becoming more apparent that issues regarding uniformity in strains could be a problem unless the grower is cloning from one plant, but how in the world would I ever be able to tell?

    Gosh there is so much more that could be done to make medical marijuana better. Wish everyone would just get on board and put some money into research and it's botany!!

  • Oh, and to be clear, the PARKINSON'S doctor did say that there is really not enough research to substantiate whether it can be effective to treat Parkinson's. but does believe it may help to treat his dyskinesia, which is really a side effect of long term Parkinson's medication.

    As far as what he should be taking, we are not sure yet. He has an appointment with the prescribing physician in about 3 weeks, so we don't know. But I am the sort to do my research so I can go into this unfamiliar territory with the knowledge to be able to ask, question, counter, and discuss this matter.

    Any help any of you could offer is so greatly appreciated. Thank you to the pioneers who risked so much to make something like this finally become possible.

  • I agree that more research is needed into how effective marijuana is for Parkinson's, but since there's plenty of evidence to show that it's effective as an anti-seizure medication, there's good reason to hope that it can help with the dyskinesia.

    I agree with Flapples. Your partner isn't likely to find one single strain that addresses all issues. To me, it looks like the symptoms call for two strains, one a sativa-dominant for addressing the depression and lack of energy (which are often related issues) and the other an indica-dominant for treating the dyskinesia, since indicas seem to be more effective at preventing seizures.

    This is not to slight the RSO approach, which may in fact be the best treatment. In my experience, it depends on the kind of relief your partner most needs. RSO is like the more potent, time-release version of marijuana. It's disorienting at first, but once he builds up a tolerance he'll find that it's working, slowly, in the background if you will, all the time. That might be what he needs if he finds the dyskinesia flares up at any time.

    But if the symptoms are pretty predictable based on the time of day, which it seems that they are, then maybe flower or vapes would be better, one indica and one sativa. While smoking has its downsides, the main benefit of smoking or vaping is that he'll get rapid relief, so he can treat his symptoms as they arise and stay lucid the rest of the time.

    If you'd like suggestions of specific strains, just holler.

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