Hash shatter cooking brownies

Is there anything i need to do with hash shatter or any of concentrates to make brownies? I used distilate it was easy to do.? Also can you use the vape cartridge refills to make brownies?


  • You need to decarb the concentrate or live resin first. Distillite is good to go but not shatter or other concentrates...

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    Place some non-stick foil in an oven-safe dish, then place your concentrate in it, and make sure your oven is at a low temp. Let it 'bake' for 30 mins, I believe.
    Mike can correct me on these instructions if I'm wrong.
    It's been a while since I made some edibles, lol.


  • Wow thanks guys!

  • What are the distillets i can buy on the site to use?

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    A good general cooking tip is to crumple the aluminum foil before you use it and uncrumple it to prevent sticking.

    How I decarb is 30 minutes at 240° F but for concentrate it's the fucking same- do this all in a mason jar which can be small or medium size and instead of the lid use aluminum foil so it expands and the jar won't crack.

    Some people do less temperature or more. Depends on your ovens true temperature. Since youre also baking brownies less time is more because it will be in the brownies that you'll bake at a higher temp.

    Now we use the original mason jar lid and wear a glove because the jar is hot. Use a silicone spatula to take any mist off the foil and use it for mixing...

    The best part about the concentrate in the mason jar is after it's decarbed I add the liquid sunflower lechitin at a teaspoon per oz of butter or oil (whatever is in the brownie as the oil) you use. I then add the total amount of butter/oil and shake the shit out of it with the melted vegetable oil/butter (and no whisking). I pour that shit into the brownie mix and bake it.


  • Thank you

  • You got it dude

  • Refills are great for edibles!

  • I love the distillate refills for edibles personally because it's so much easier to dose!

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