Best pen for concentrates?

Looking into getting something for occasional home use. Want something easy to clean and fairly simple. Will likely be stuffing it with crumble or sugar wax. Suggestions? I see some chatter about the Lookah Swordfish, I know of Puffco, also seen recs for Yocan. Not trying to spend a ton ($50-100ish max). I also won’t be using it daily, mainly on weekend evenings as a night cap.


  • I'd advise against the swordfish. I'm the one that made the original post. I thought I liked but but definitely do NOT.. if you want my advice just get a rig and banger and torch. So much better than erigs. Imho.. Yocan orbit may be another one that's better than the swordfish.

  • @Mr4Sher what was wrong with it?

  • I just don't like it man. A lot of others do but I honestly wonder if the people that like it have ever used a torch and banger. No matter how much wax I use I get a few shitty hits then its gone... I've tried putting different amounts of wax. I've tried every form of concentrate(crumble, diamonds, shatter, live resin, sugar). Ive tried 3 different style coils. I just can't get it to hit good. I mean it works but not worth the $.. I think my biggest problem is I went from a torch and banger to the swordfish.

  • I have a lookah seahorse pro plus nectar collector I can ship to you for a small $ if you are into it. I used it once. Not into the nectar collector. Has new coil

  • @KannaMannnn im really interested

  • I love my seahorse my yocan regen works nice and good flavor, dtv4 is good but lots cleaning and need a mod to power it

  • I’ve got a puffco plus and love it!

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