Beautiful Fall Day

Well ordered 1/2 a zip of Northern Lights and Wedding Cake discounted with seeds, it was on when I ordered but not on the menu the next day so I just hope that’s what they send. How are those strains? Anyone care to comment. Both outdoor from Merlin.

Thanks, beautiful weather here today, hope all is doing well.


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    @Oldman I just got some Northern Lights yesterday. I absolutely LOVE it. The smell is strange. Kinda reminds me of wintergreen skoal. But the flavor is great and buzz is top notch. Hope you enjoy...

  • @oldman also have some of the NL. Old school aroma for sure 😎 like @Mr4Sher said. Buzz is a nice float up then down. I get great sleep with it.

    Noticed some new strains on the board for Merlin 🔥

  • @Oldman i got the discounted wedding cake and was so disappointed I missed out on a reorder! I had no seeds either and 1-1.5G nugs! Hate I didn’t get more in time! Dense nuggets with a great head high!

  • Waiting patiently. Should see what I get today. It’s like Christmas, but still feels like fall here. Btw, thanks for the input, always great to hear from others.

  • Didn’t disappoint. NL is pretty good, creeps up on you

  • <3 Normally I don't get seedy strains but the deal was so good I wanted to share. I'll still be on the lookout for awesome deals. Coming up soon are some GH deps that I'll price at outdoor.

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