Vape refill uses

What is the best way to consume the vape refills if they cannot be inhaled due to lung issues? What would dosing be to add some to peanut butter or under tongue or some other edible way to ingest?


  • For me filling capsules has been an easy and effective way to consume distillate.

  • Thanks @Fallguy
    What would you recommend for a typical dose for a non-user who can’t swallow pills? Rice size with some peanut butter maybe?

  • I'd start at ~10mg. Half of a piece of jasmine for someone without a tolerance. For me 50mg and I'm feeling great 150mg and I start to melt into the couch, still feeling great.

  • I sometimes eat a pinhead sized drop at a time. Be careful with it because the highest I've ever gotten in my life was with distillate when I made edibles and licked all the spoons. Don't recommend. lol

  • I think there's a recipe where you can make infused MCT oil by microwaving for 10 seconds and adding distillate. Then put in a dropper bottle. Good luck!

  • Damn that’s crazy @Sixwaychili lol that would freak me out!

    Thanks @MikeyC I’ll have to take a look. This is is for a friend who hasn’t used before and I don’t want them to get sick so maybe a better way for proper dosing would be better.

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