Manifest shrooms

Anyone had them? What's the potency and what are effects?


  • I have some on the way. Not sure when I will try but I will let you know!

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    It may not be the best review but here goes.

    Out of the batch I got, I've taken them 3 times all in varying quantities.

    They are definitely larger than golden teachers and burmas, but do include some smaller sized caps & stems. Larger sized pieces were larger than a quarter, and slightly smaller than a half dollar. The smaller sized pieces were from penny sized caps to nickel sized. (I didn't take pics, hence the size comparisons).

    1st time: Took a large cap and stem and a smaller cap and stem. Maybe 1.5g to 2g.

    Visuals: Some slight visuals, the stars and lights were super bright and star shaped, kind if like what you'd see if you had an astigmatism. Lots of shadows. Stars and the night sky looked awesome.

    Body feel: Body high was excellent. I felt like I was super tall and everything around me was tiny. My cell phone looked like a toy. Pretty numbing, and can only explain as feeling like I was static lol.

    2nd time: Took 2.5g to start, and about 1g to 2g every hour to 2 hours. (Total in all was about 6-8g).

    Visuals: My ceiling tiles looked like they had fancy designs on them even though they're plain with no designs.

    Body feel: Body high was also excellent and felt like I was wrapped in clouds. Comfortably numb. Very euphoric and my friends and I were laughing all night over random shit.

    Mental effects: I was also smoking and had some paranoia, but not sure if it was the shrooms or the bud. I was sitting on my porch about to smoke and headlights and cars made me want to go inside and not be outside.

    The only way I can describe the night was like a blur, or if a giant hand came down and smashed us like bugs and smeared us all over the night haha, idk.

    Side note, when I usually take shrooms, the first dose is usually the strongest. Then when I take more later on, it seems to make the effects sustain for a longer time period, but not elevate the high much. These however, made us get much higher and the high was stronger each re-up.

    3rd time: This time I decided to make a tea. I brewed 2g. Other than the come up being faster, the over all effects were about the same.

    I'm pretty new to shrooms so I haven't taken any large doses at one single time. I hope that helps some, but so far these are the best shrooms I've taken. It's hard to explain the effects for me because I usually take then by myself and don't know many people to compare effects.

  • So yeah- I will get these next and more albino a+. Excellent review

  • Those sound like pretty good trips for 2g.

  • I definitely enjoyed them! About to take the last bit. I will get these again for sure. I missed the Albino A+ last time, but plan to get them when they're back on the menu and funds allow.

    I also want to try tidal wave if and when they're available again.

    Bucket list shroom I want to try is enigma, but not sure if those are available. May be hard to get.

  • I haven’t seen enigma

  • Albinos seem to be relatively available, gonna check some things out and have them up before the Black Friday Sale

  • Albino a+ were great

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    Looking forward to see what shrooms come on the menu in the future....PE(Penis Envy) and Golden Teachers are great. At least merlin will, loudnco has had shrooms(I believe) just recently and happy trees said they will probably as they add more items. Didn't try albino but on list

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