Loud's Outdoor Hindu Kush

edited October 23 in Product Reviews

Let me start by saying I hate leaving negative reviews. And I'm very glad I only bought a quarter oz. That being said this is the most disappointed I've been with a Medman purchase. First thing I noticed was the color. It looks like tobacco... Exactly the same brown you find when you bust open a backwoods. Second thing was the nugs. There weren't any. A few tiny "pieces" of weed with the rest (6g) of pure shake. I mean complete shake. And the rest is so dry just touching it turns it to dust. The effects are there but nothing special enough to redeem itself from this. I feel like this should be discounted immensely and labeled as shake. I would still be disappointed if I spent $30 on this! I've bought smalls with much much better bag appeal. I really can't afford to flush $70 down the drain right now. In this economy prices are just getting higher and higher. Except for weed it's getting cheaper and cheaper (I hear). A lot of states have zips for around $100. I expect to get what I pay for and shake wasn't it.. Oh well.. Ya win some you lose some. Medman pleases most times but shit does happen. I don't recommend this strain...


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