Indoor Wedding Cake

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Another great strain that surprised me. Nice tight nugs with a strong diesel smell. I’ve only read about Wedding Cake and I know there are a lot of factors that vary grow to grow. My first impression was this smells or taste nothing like you would think with a name like wedding cake. I was curious if my order was mixed up with a glue strain, but it was labeled WC. Either way it’s now my fav nighttime strain. Vapes very well on low temps. Hits you hard with an immediate body high, but my fav part is the transition to sleep. Its not so heavy that you pass out, but it provides a solid nights sleep with no hangover at all. I actually wake up rested on this strain because a lot of weed leaves me groggy when I wake.. not this strain! Thanks MEdmama and Medboy!


  • Seems like the Wedding Cake and Mimosas (according to other reviews) are the Best that MM has to offer. I got the Wedding cake as a sample and it was magnificent. I never bought any more wedding cake because I thaught everything else would be just as good.
    And the Wedding Cake and Mimosa seem to have been on the list for the last 6 months and I didn't want to take the chance of getting the dregs. Which apparently I was wrong. The last decent bud I got was the Willie Nelson Reserve.

  • Med Mama and Medicine Man both have the same initials so I just want to clarify that these strains were the best of Med Mama's offerings, not of the whole site. Loud n Co has posted some truly top-notch bud over the past week, FYI.

    And Med Mama is working on replacing her inventory with better buds herself.

  • Thx medboy! I've enjoyed everything I've received so far. Prices are very reasonable for the quality, fast discreet shipping, and not to mention freebies. Just ordered the "chocolope". This will be my throwback strain. One of the first I grew over 10 yrs ago!

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