Thank You Merlin!!!

Got my split of Georgia Pie and Peanut Butter Souffle today. Had a post-it note in it wishing me a happy birthday(was Oct 29th) and an extra gummy... It's the little things that mean the most. I appreciate it immensely! Will leave reviews later but the bag appeal on both is exemplary... Super excited to try them. Got my grinder and bong cleaned and ready to go...


  • You will love the GP happy birthday 🎉🎈

  • I tried the Georgia Pie first with plans to try the Peanut Butter Soufle in the evening. The GP is absolutely amazing! It's a light green glistening with trichomes. It almost looks white. Just covered in frosty goodness. The flavor is amazing. Can kind of taste the peach cobbler, like it says in the description, but it's mostly a piney flavor. Imo. Very nice. The effects are just out of this world! Giggly, care free feeling followed my complete relaxation. I liked this one so much I continued to smoke it and never got to the PBS... Will try it today tho... Maybe... That GP is tempting...

  • I wish I could buy more than a 1/4 at a time. if I had the money I'd get a pound.

  • @antfuzz I feel ya bud... Times are really tough out here. With the current cost of living, I can only afford $50 a week on cannabis. I usually order every 3 or 4 weeks. Outdoor is the best priced but I like to try it all. I try to consume a gram or less per day. It's hard af but it keeps me at a quarter zip a week. I'm getting by Barely....

  • I finally got around to trying the Peanut Butter Soufle. Let me tell ya, I had a hard time not cracking open my jar of Georgia Pie! The PBS is great too though. It's much darker than the GP, almost black. And these nugs are DENSE af! The smell is strong and the only word I can think of the describe it is "dank". It tastes creamy, earthy and nutty. Very nice. The effects are strong with this one. Be careful cuz too much and a nap is imminent. This was the case for me both times I indulged. Georgia Pie and Peanut Butter Soufle are both 🔥 strains! I recommend both!

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    I knew that GP was special! @Mr4Sher For me it’s heavy upfront then after things settle it’s puts me in the greatest mood. I tried the PBS few months back and liked it so much I probably ordered it 2-3 more times. Don’t recall dark nugs sounds like diff batch. Can’t go wrong with either!

  • I want this and another thing but need to wait for idk what

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