Sour Apple Crumble

Just ordered a couple grams of Merlins Sour Apple Crumble. My dab rig has been neglected lately. I like to keep some concentrate on hand for special occasions but I've been sticking to flower lately. Green Apple jolly ranchers are my fave so I had to try this. Reviews to come...


  • @Mr4Sher looking forward to your review! I have about 4 waxes/ live resins I’m near finishing up. The Georgia Pie crumble has my attn but I normally try to split.

  • My Sour Apple Crumble arrived yesterday. First thing I noticed was how creamy white this Crumble is. Almost a perfect milky white. Next was the smell. I've tried 3 or 4 of Merlins Crumbles and they all smell very similar. Runtz, pancake, sour apple all smell exactly the same. It's weird cuz they do NOT taste the same. This one is a strong fruity/spicy taste. Very pleasant... Taste like apples, pears and maybe pineapple. Very very tasty. It melts almost clear. Strange for a concentrate in my experience. The effects are what is expected from Merlins products. TOP NOTCH! Very sedating strain here. One good dab and I got the dab sweats for the 1st time in months. I laid down and felt my pain dissipate from my body. Began feeling warm and fuzzy, then im waking up 2 hours later. Maybe not the best strain for the morning. Lol. Tried again 2 more times with similar results. Love this stuff but it's getting put up for special occasions and severe pain. Last time I was dabbing I ruined my tolerance and flower wouldn't work on me for weeks. Fuck that!!! I love my flower. I definitely recommend this one!

  • Glad you enjoyed! I found a cool processor that I’m starting to get most of my crumble from because they have done a stand up job.

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