Just something To put out there .
I would like to see a approxment harvest date if possible so we would no how fresh the flowers are . And more description on the texture such as sticky which we all love R maybe it's a little dry Etc-


  • That's a good suggestion, thanks!

  • Good suggestion...we'll pass that along.

  • Thanks, will start doing this with new product.

  • This is a great idea. Lots of "thank yous" to MM and MB....What I have received and use as PTSD meds is a little dry, BUT it is no way ditchbank tree....and it weighs to compensate for a few stems and moisture......Flesh clover would be great to see and smell.... "One of the best thing about the natural remedy is the taste of the med.....It is like a good cup of coffee or a great pot of soup cooking, the smell is half the money, the senses perk up and happy starts

  • Also, the growing medium like hydroponic or organic.

  • Loud n Co is already very consistent about listing the growing medium. This is a good idea for Med Mama as well, thanks!

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