Gelato Moonrocks from Merlin's

I am glad that these came in a double sealed package because when I opened the first layer, I could already smell them. Which is profound for me because I can't hardly smell anything in the first place.

These things are awesome. The nuggets look like the picture, and the smell is very floral and sweet to me. One small nug in the old cherrywood pipe and 2 tokes later, and the world is right again. The smoke is smooth, not harsh in any way. The effect of the hit is what I would call "expando", where you take a toke, and as you hold it in you feel like your chest is expanding, like smoking hash.Think of these moonrocks as 'imitation hash'.

The nuggets vary in size from small pea size up to marble size. The buzz is Gelato. On steroids.

2 hits and I had major relief, after about 5 minutes, another hit had me up and going. Very, very pleasant and long lasting relief. After an hour or so I came back and finished off the bowl. I am done, it's time to turn on a movie and kick back.



  • Been curious about these for a long time. Seem like a great value. Everything I read about moonrocks says to steer clear of em. Maybe Merlins deserve a try tho. Thanks for the review.

  • I have only ever had one Moonrock and it was that Peach flavored one that used to pop up two years ago via the pre-CC third vendor here. It was nothing special and the concentrates it was soaked in would "crackle" when I hit it. Also the hit was always super harsh. Always felt like I was hitting damp weed and it mostly gave me a headache since the "peach" flavor was so overpowering. Ever since I have been wary of moonrocks. But noting that it wasn't harsh has me interested.

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    I'll tell you, these are sweet. I did a little wake and bake, and instead of getting out and doing stuff, I've got Led Zepplin 4 on the stereo while browsing the internet. :smiley:

    Work can wait a minute.

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    The moon rocks I offer are certainly not typical. Often people will mask sub par flowers with oil and kief, but we use good flower and COAT on the distillate and keif hard

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