Haven't seen a lot of discussion and or answers about edibles round here, was thinking about picking up either some mix n match gummies or the thc gum drops, anyone have experience with either or have recommendations?


  • Also just need something I can use indoors without too much smell, the vapes have been good but now I'm lookin to branch out. Thanks.

  • I haven’t tried the mix n match gummies yet, but I have tried the THC gum drops. The gum drops are 🔥 they got me really blasted lol. Highly recommend trying them.

  • @TacticGuy I have gotten excellent feedback in numerous emails about Happy Trees Drops!

  • @medboy only thing irking me is the price on those, 700mg difference between the two. From what descriptions list happy trees drops have full percent or close options of different strains while the gum drops might be mixed strains and left over bits, is that right?
    Also not entirely sure on how potency works in different edibles / qualities as the complementary gummies from @LoudnCo didn't effect me as much as 50 mg in other forms does. I'm new to edibles lol.

  • @marythekat good to know, thanks. Do you remember the exact effects it had on you? Lookin for something more heady / sativa dominant

  • Unfortunately I don’t remember, it was quite a while ago. Hope someone else can chime in on them for ya!

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    @TacticGuy Our drops are only 100mgs but they still hit pretty hard. All of them are specific strains. We'll always have them up on the site if you ever want to try them out :).

  • Yeah I'll definitely be trying them out at some point or another, ATM I'm on a budget so I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck haha, going to be waiting till the holidays are over anyway with these shipping times so that may change. Thanks @HappyTrees

  • Anybody have any cookies?

  • The drops are pretty decent just a sliver works pretty well so might snag some more at some point but been wanting to try the keef cookies and syrup

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    @LoudnCo & @MerlinsMagic did at one time. I haven't looked at the menu though to confirm. 😉💚

  • Any of you know if the gum drops don’t work as well if refrigerated? I made a large order of gum drops and have felt that they didn’t work unless room temp. First couple of times I was taking 2 out of the fridge and they did not work. Last night, room temp ones were very good.

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    Things that can make edibles work better:
    Eating fat an hour before ingestion
    Lecithin used in baking
    Sodium citrate used in baking
    Quillaja as an emulsifier or an emulsifier used in baking
    Numerous other additives
    Properly infused ingredients from sources such as fat, sugar, salt, etc and the more stacked the better- think weeducken

  • I’ve tried the gum drops and they are pretty good. I just got some of the infused coconut oil and it smells so good and taste amazing in the cookies I made. It didn’t take much to put me on my a**! Highly recommend.

  • Also heard mango helps with edibles and whatnot and @Trippy please fill us in on the kief cookies was looking at those but haven't pulled trigger

  • You have to eat a lot of mangos before hand

  • @MikeyC what kind quantity we talking and how long prior? Just knew I'd heard something in mangos helps make work stronger

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    Interesting so wonder where that concept came from still might try in the name science tho mean mangos
    @Trippy did you ever get to try the keef cookies?

  • Well least had a nice treat to come home to, looking forward to your thoughts been eyeing em. I tried just a square of gron sativa chocolate tonight, so far hasn't hit as hard as Merlin regular chocolate or any the others but decent feeling for 10mg although think the drops hit better@10mg so I'll probably try couple squares next time, is nice to be able snag a single tho cause also wanted to try the mekari or whatever that 300mg bar is

  • @Trippy hell yeah sounds like a winner to me lol I also chronic sciatica and severe lower back pain and to me it's hard to beat a good edible for medicine so I'll probably have try snag some, had 2 pieces of gron sativa and it's working far better than 1 piece did night before, appreciate ya great input

  • It's decent but I liked Merlin regular 500mg bars better like one piece vs one piece the toaster coconut or hazy hazel nut seemed more potent but gonna try the other chocolates and cookie next but I liked the option if only wanting to get a single bar on the gron

  • Yeah I like the indica or hybrid for chronic pain cause you're right the chronic pain and sciatic are a bitch especially when flaring up, but been trying sativa stuff for daytime and my adhd which I will say had a productive day without much pain and less anxiety just didn't floor me like one dose of some the other edibles but probably wasn't supposed to either

  • Just for yall out there in the future, the gumdrops are seriously👌, great bang for your buck. Even left one of my containers unrefridgerated for a week and they were still good, potent and tasty.

    @ColonelAngus I thought the same thing, wouldn't make any sense in reality though as refrigerating them is supposed to preserve the quality haha, could just be a placebo or something to do with the lessening of the taste when they are cold. Dunno.

  • @StarLizzyG Glad you vibe with the coconut oil, a special lady in my life made it with lots of love, so I'm glad it's hitting too.

    @Trippy thats great the lemon cookies did it for you. They are made with the cleanest ingredients and tight flavor profile so aren't the cheapest but they work well.

  • @MerlinsMagic thanks! I was planning on ordering some more gumdrops but I think I’ll try the cookies!

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