Haven't seen a lot of discussion and or answers about edibles round here, was thinking about picking up either some mix n match gummies or the thc gum drops, anyone have experience with either or have recommendations?


  • Also just need something I can use indoors without too much smell, the vapes have been good but now I'm lookin to branch out. Thanks.

  • I haven’t tried the mix n match gummies yet, but I have tried the THC gum drops. The gum drops are 🔥 they got me really blasted lol. Highly recommend trying them.

  • @TacticGuy I have gotten excellent feedback in numerous emails about Happy Trees Drops!

  • @medboy only thing irking me is the price on those, 700mg difference between the two. From what descriptions list happy trees drops have full percent or close options of different strains while the gum drops might be mixed strains and left over bits, is that right?
    Also not entirely sure on how potency works in different edibles / qualities as the complementary gummies from @LoudnCo didn't effect me as much as 50 mg in other forms does. I'm new to edibles lol.

  • @marythekat good to know, thanks. Do you remember the exact effects it had on you? Lookin for something more heady / sativa dominant

  • Unfortunately I don’t remember, it was quite a while ago. Hope someone else can chime in on them for ya!

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    @TacticGuy Our drops are only 100mgs but they still hit pretty hard. All of them are specific strains. We'll always have them up on the site if you ever want to try them out :).

  • Yeah I'll definitely be trying them out at some point or another, ATM I'm on a budget so I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck haha, going to be waiting till the holidays are over anyway with these shipping times so that may change. Thanks @HappyTrees

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