Loud Sample ?

Just received my order of Kandy Kush from Loud. Thanks for the fast shipping of incredible products btw! Included was a freebie J which was labeled "WR". Any idea what strain that is? White Rhino?


  • My guess is that it's supposed to be "WB" - White Buffalo.

  • White buffalo is Med Mamma, I do remember seeing loud with something white just don't remember what it was? White Russian?

  • White Russian sounds about right. I believe I remember seeing that too.

  • I received the same thing, a joint “WR” I believe med mama had some white rhino recently. It’s probably White Rhino. Haven’t tried it yet.

  • He did not order from med mamma, he ordered from Loud.

  • Ugh, then I don't know.

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    No biggie..smells nice and is on the fruity side. Probably White Russian. High delivers more in the indica dominant side..awesome for a freebie!

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