Product descriptions.

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I was wondering who is responsible for the product descriptions who writes those up? Is it the supplier or is it medicine Man? I ask because I see this “Indoor captain A nice indoor hybrid that was trimmed super sloppy so is discounted to greenhouse prices” I have seen several ads were they say they were discounted in the description for one reason or another but yet the actual price never reflects the discount? Does anybody look at the descriptions before they post it? Thanks


  • I noticed the same thing so decided to go elsewhere with my order

  • It used to be that I posted all product descriptions but recently we switched over to letting the shippers do it themselves. Thanks for this heads up, I just corrected the description.

  • ? So is it no longer trimmed sloppy the reason that it was discounted it in the first place? Is this a different batch and is trimmed properly? Thanks

  • FYI, the Indoor Tahoe OG says the same thing in it’s description.

  • Thanks for pointing this out. You are correct. We will do a little more overseeing of the descriptions.

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