How to fix harshness

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I have an oz of some very nice sativa, yet just one toke sends me into coughing fits. I wouldn't call it harsh, but the effect falls under that description. The cough comes from a 'tickle' in the back of my throat, not the chest.

The buds seem to be cured right, they bust up in the grinder like you'd expect. The taste is bland to me, but there doesn't seem to be any odd flavors there. The smell leans towards the sweet side. (fyi: my sense of smell/taste is wrecked). The buzz is just right for me, a "let's get down to business" kind of effect as opposed to "let's goof off and play for a while" effect.

I let a small bud dry out for a day, thinking that maybe the buds haven't been fully dried but that didn't help. No, for all intents and purposes this weed is just what I ordered: outdoor sativa leaning cannabis.

No names and no strains, I'm just looking for a fix to this coughing. I get this same effect whenever I try a vape pen. Maybe it's just the strain, and the terps are causing the cough? I have no idea, but my stoner son-in-law says the reason I cough on vapes is because the terps are too much for me.

I put the whole thing locked into a humidor with a 62% bovida pak. If all else fails, I'll make edibles from it. But I would love it if someone would point out the obvious for me. I'm off to buy a water bong. Maybe that'll fix this.


  • The issue may be that the buds are too dry. I have had my stash in a humidor for only 36 hours, but when I took out a bud and smoked it in my pipe this morning, the irritation was a lot less. That, and I noticed a slightly more intense taste.

    The experimentation continues.

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    I'd also guess that it's too dry.

    If you're looking for a bong, I cannot recommend enough. They are built like tanks and very inexpensive if you get a 2nd quality. Probably 1/4 the price I've found at other places for similar size and quality.

  • Yeah, it was too dry. This evening I opened mu humidor, and there was a noticeable difference in the smell, it was more intense. I got a little $20 water bong, and it works real good. The funny thing with the bud is that it didn't look/feel too dry. Huh. Oh well.

  • If you don’t have a humidor, you can try putting a tortilla or lettuce leaf in the weed bag.

    If it’s bunk weed and all you have, you can put orange peels to add a nice flavor.

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