Just a quick delivery worry

First off, I love you guys, I've never had a package not get delivered. That said, I did order from Happy Trees for the first time on 1/3, so far haven't had a label created on ID. I did recently move into an apartment so I may have inadvertently put the wrong apartment number (a neighbor in the same building shares the same last number so we sometimes get mail/packages from them), but the last order I did from Merlin got through just fine so I assume it's the usual USPS stuff. I'm only wondering because when I had to buy some new orthotics right after I accidentally put this neighbor's apartment number but was able to get it corrected before it shipped, and I worried I made the same mistake on my Happy Trees order. I know I should wait 14 days to contact ya'll, I just wondered if there was anyone who might have had a similar experience.

Either way, thank you guys again so much for all you do! ID is terrible and inconsistent, I just felt bad and worried I might've screwed up.


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