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Waiting for my second shipment to east coast. Is Loud all sourced from Washington state area, which is why it takes so long to ship to east coast? Is it safe to assume Loud only distributes top shelf products from the USA (never from Mexico correct)?


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    I have always thought it was locally sourced because it is spectacular. I am on the East Coast also and it usually arrives in under 1 week. The USPS was closed for the holiday and likely backed things up for an additional day. No nothing from Mexico from Loud.

  • Put in a request with them 8am on the 3rd still saying waiting on item like it hasn't actually been shipped yet just label made usually by now nearly a week later it should definitely started showing some movement I would have thought or least hoped mean know I'll get it but really could of used it today which one of next 2 days is bout on average how long usually takes from submitting to receiving 🤷‍♂️

  • Yes its all from west coast. Shipping is behind due to weather issues.

  • How far behind. Ordered Sunday still no label. I get informed is garbage and weather but lesson learned once again. Back to Merlin’s for me from here on out.

  • @Bobn218 requested early morning the 3rd and updated hoping for touchdown today 🤞

  • @Bobn218 That is because Sunday we had technical issues. Sunday's orders were not processed until Tuesday. Therefore likely shipped out today. It also does not matter if you order from Loud & Co or Merlin's. They are both in CA, both having the same issue with whether and USPS. It wouldn't be fault of a shipper if the USPS can't move your package because of weather and flooding. They are having dangerous weather and are still working hard getting everyone's packages out.

  • I’m in New Jersey and my shipment was delivered to Louisiana by accident. I’m hoping Loud can send to my correct address.

    Obviously I have no recourse but they have a solid reputation.

  • @Glevine17 I emailed you! That was my mistake your package was NOT sent to the wrong address haha. Got my orders mixed up.

  • Thanks Medboy for clearing up!

  • @medboy I understand the situation. While at the same time I will say I ordered from Merlin for someone at the same time and it was delivered yesterday while my loud is still at label. No hating here and hope everyone fared well.

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