Happy Trees Lavender Diesel & Jager(Outdoor)

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Lavender Diesel

  1. Shipping time was crazy fast! Can't remember if I ordered Sun or Mon not that it matters, lol. This shipped out Tues, and was in my hand today!

  2. Lavender Diesel is a sativa for us anxious types. No anxiety, BUT that "get up & go" needed for the day when there's things to do, and need pain relief, or just a nice lift. 😁


  1. Haven't gotten into the Jager yet. The smell isn't what I'm accustomed to, not that anything is wrong with it. It's just different is all. I'll hit it tonight before bedtime.

  2. Freebies included a crispy treat & gram jay of Point Break.

I'm a very happy Warrior! Thank you @HappyTrees 😊💚💨


  • @MigraineWarrior79 I got some of Merlins discount Jager and it's got the same look/smell/taste as Louds but might be just a tad better... IMHO.

  • Sweet! I'll have to pick some up next paycheck if it's still around.
    This one is so different, but in a good way. 💚

  • As always we're glad you're enjoying our bud :)

  • Update:

    Watch for seeds in the Jager! Not a complaint in anyway, that's a bonus for me!
    Just wanted to give a heads up for others. 😁

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    yes, I love those rare finds I have had three grows this year from seeds from this site!!!
    6 males I tossed and two females which I grew to harvest got 3 oz from the first one swear it was a funky monkey but not sure and the other I think was some gorilla glue from the smell I got.

  • @cmweems1964

    I've been saving for a while now, and have quite a stash, myself.
    I'm planning to grow soon!

    3 oz is pretty good!!

  • I have collected seeds since I started buying from here. Probably have 30+. No idea what they are, any good, etc. But I have no idea or plans to grow either. One day when the kids go to college I am going to throw them all into the backyard and see if nature take its course lol

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