Loud pre-shipment labels

Anyone have loud create a pre shipment label this week with no progress? Mine was created Tuesday with no movement as of Saturday. Just wondering if maybe something is holding everyone up or if it’s just me! Thanks!


  • Ordered couple weeks ago and once it finally showed activity it was pretty quick but took bout a week to get to that point

  • I am pondering over putting in another request in with them in the very near future though flower's were purity

  • I’m in the same situation with Loud. Hoping it gets sent out soon.

    Merlin’s has been great on shipping.

  • It usually takes up to 5 days to go from pre-label to active. Then it takes around 3 days to travel to me on the east coast. This is what you understand about ordering from LOUD. Once you accept that ahead of time, then your choice to order from them becomes easier. I only ever order their special premium because of the quality I always get. Merlin and Happy are Speed-Weed. Like going to a decent restaurant where it takes a normal amount of time to get your food, and it's good food and you get what you pay for, you interact with the staff and manager, and they are quick to correct any mistakes with their food. With LOUD, it's like going to a 4-star reservation-only suit & tie fine dining. The food is exquisite, superb quality, flawless flavor. But, it takes forever, it's more expensive, and there isn't any real communication or interactions between customer and kitchen.

    This analogy isn't meant to be negative towards any party, mind you. I am currently waiting on an order from both Merlin AND Loud. I was simply trying to describe the differences in using these vendors. Pros & Cons. 👍🏼

  • With Loud, it's 99.9% their hub in their particular location. I've experienced spectacular shipping time with them, and also much longer. Lol

  • @OzBaxter Im new here and that is an awesome analogy and appreciate the insight. Im patient and looking forward to some good eats!

  • @OzBaxter that is amazing! I love what you did there. I know I’m not a very patient person so I do usually stick to Merlin’s. I just get so excited when I see that pre shipment usually pretty quickly, just to have it sit and sit and sit! Medboy always looks out regardless so I know I need to just trust the process! @Vapedad78 i always appreciate your input! @MigraineWarrior79 you too! Both of y’all are gems in this forum! Thank you!

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    I have ordered from both at the same time and while Merlin's usually gets here faster it only by a couple of days. Loud's flower is outstanding and I would never hesitate to order from them. Been a customer for probably 8 years or so and Loud always delivers quality products. If you pass on them you're missing out on some top shelf flower.

  • Loud has been hit a miss for sure but the bud has always been top-notch!!
    This week ordered a zip from merlin at 8am wed label created at 9 pm wed shipped 9:54pm wed had it at my door by 1154am Saturday in NC!!!!! That's Fast!!!!! AND THEY WERE OUT Of THE APPLE MINTZ AND GOT PREMIUM SLURRICANE AS THE SUB !!!

  • Yeah I ordered from MM Thursday night late and had the package today . Unreal . And I’m the last stop on the right …

  • @cmweems1964 How is that slurricane?

  • I loved it perfect cure and smooth smoke, it hits hard with a pick me up and then slides into the chill couch lock side and took two naps I had not planned on this week.

  • I’ve got movement, ladies and gentlemen! Touchdown supposed to happen on Thursday! Also there is a new pre-shipment label now created 😅 idk what’s going on but that’s nothing new! Haha

  • Stuck in Washington! What is happening!? 😅

  • Dang that stinks hope gets to ya sooner than later but the team will definitely make sure it gets to ya

  • @Vapedad78 i know you’re right! Guess what! Now there are 3 labels. One is moving through the network one is in preshipment but neither of those
    Are the one that was supposed to come today! Lol! I hate the mail!

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