Caught daughter dipping in my stash for the 1st time....

My daughter is 16 and her brothers 15 and 11 so I've been keeping a close eye. I keep my freebie gummy drops in a jar and there was 4 of them and all a sudden there was 3. I shrugged it off and the wife and me went out. Came back and now only 2. Lol. The wife and I talked to her and told her not to take them to school or anything and just let her keep em. I'm only worried cuz we live in an illegal state and weed still equals jail time. But I was pinching my dad's shit at 14! I kinda feel like I'd rather know the weed she gets ain't got some date rape drug in it or fentanyl... Told her to ask next time as long as mom said it's ok... Opinions or advice wanted and welcomed. Don't be too harsh on me please...


  • If in an illegal state, don't forget that a social worker could take your kids away from you if they want to.

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    @TreesPlz yes I know... Biggest fear but she's going to get it somewhere. At least I know mine is safe... But im on the fence about it. Appreciate the feedback!

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    I'm with you on this one, although, I don't have any kiddos.
    If I would, however, I'd much prefer them to come to me, knowing my stuff isn't laced with anything, AND IT'S GOOD SHIT! 🤣

    My parents did this with me when I was ready to try this good old green goodness, and it's a memory I cherish to this day.

    Personally, I get the bad side of it, ya know, social workers and all that, but as long as you have smart kids who'll keep it to themselves, everything should be ok.

    Plus, you'd always want to set ground rules with it, so they don't think it's cool to go overboard with it, and stunt their emotional development, and all that. But, I'm sure you guys have taken that into account already.

    Just my thoughts 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Thanks for the feedback buddy!

  • @Mr4Sher

    Anytime, my friend 😊💚

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