Besides cashapp, any suggestions for easy transaction

Unfortunately my cashapp isn’t letting me verify my identity rn so I was just wondering if anybody knew another app or website that does instant transactions with low fees? Thanks!


  • I quit using coinbase and cashapp because they were holding funds. Also, for more privacy, I use a bitcoin atm to transfer to a btc wallet which is much faster. Btc atms have fees, but depends on which btc atm it is. The one I use has a 15% fee, but they send coupons for waved fees or a percentage off the fee which helps out quite a bit.

    Not sure if this helps much

  • Thanks ya I’m using Coinbase now and I’m new so the holds are getting on my nerves lol but I guess it’s worth the wait…

  • Yes I held some bitcoin for the 5 days and I gained a few dollars :)

  • We’ve used Coinbase exclusively since 2017 without a single issue. Like you @Trippy, the whole order process never takes more than a couple minutes.

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    I am having a problem with Coinbase using my laptop WEBCAM to UPDATE verification of identity PHOTO which does not have the perfect resolution to be accepted...I do not OWN OR NEED a SMART PHONE !....Sent an updated photo 3 times & rejected...However when I contacted the Coinbase agent she said I could verify my identity ANYTIME after the Feb 3rd DEADLINE with my updated driver license expiration date without suspending my privilege to SEND PAYMENTS ?....I hope this agent is correct because it would be a problem until I can resolve this photo resolution issue on my webcam?

  • @Katy you could always pick up a cheap burner phone to accomplish the task at hand

  • @Katy If you know someone with a smart phone you could always ask if they could help you with taking photos and then have them email them to you.

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