Waiting on Chocolope

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I’m really hoping my Chocolope order shows today! Getting ancy only cause I’m excited to try it. Had it several years ago and it was great bud! I got spoiled the last 3 shipments. Even if it is next week you can’t beat this service. 3/3 flower orders have been super fast and superb quality!


  • I tried Chocolope for the first time this past summer up in Fairbanks. It was awesome! I saved the label, and it says "26.1% THC" and "1.73% Terps". I will be going back in January and I think I will just have to enjoy some more. I hope yours is as good as mine was.

    Chocolope will lie to you. It started out nice and creepy like, then wham-o! Totally buzzed! :-D

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    Well once again Med Mama didn’t disappoint! Glad I grabbed Chocolope when I saw it. Green tight nugs with minimal shake. Little on the drier side which is fine. Nice dark orange hairs all over. Still debating the smell report. Smokes very smooth and your spot on justaguy! Definitely a creeper, but the ride there is very nice and smooth. So stoked to have almost a pure sativa strain now. What’s the chance of getting some Super Lemon Haze or some kind of haze in stock?

  • We're about to get a bunch new strains with the outdoor harvest but at this time I couldn't tell you what those will be. It's a mystery...

  • Outdoor is inbound now! Ooohhh Weeee! Love outdoor cant wait!

  • Outdoor can be really tasty! When might we expect to see these new strains available?

  • They're loaded up now for Med Mama!

  • Man that Sour Goji Purple is straight fire!

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