Milligrams vs milliliters (ml. vs mg.)

I was looking at the description of the THC drops from @MerlinsMagic. It describes the contents in milliliters but the dosage in milligrams.

"Recommended Dosage is 2-4 Droppers under the tongue..." The whole dropper's worth? Or is that 2-4 drops?
"which is approximately 10mg per dropper." OK, are we using weight to determine the baseline dosage?
"2 30ml Bottles ($90.00)" Now you're using volume, not weight.

I am wanting to determine how many drops at a per drop dosage are in the bottle but the weight vs volume description conflict prevents that.



  • Milligrams refers to the amount of THC. You won't be doing drops, it will be eye droppers when you dose. So every eye dropper has 10 mg of THC. I could be wrong.

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    That makes sense. I was trying to do a cost analysis to see if getting some of these drops would fit into my budget. I am beginning to look into edibles and such, smoking is starting to get to me. I guess the question then changes to "How many droppers can I expect from a single bottle?"

    I've used drops before. In Alaska, a shop in Fairbanks sells small plastic vials of THC and I would put that in a coffee. I forget the dosage, but the total amount in the plastic vial was no more than a droppers worth.

    added Here are the drops I mentioned. They call them "Doobie Drops"

  • Editable's and tinctures will not work the same for everyone. One dropper can give you what you want or 2 droppers will or 3 dropper will. Or you can take half the bottle and not feel a thing. Was looking to the same as you. I do find I use much less plant using a Dynavap.

  • So each full dropper has approximately 1 ml in it.
    That will have 500/30mg = 16.67mg per full dropper

    Keep in mind that it's hard to get a full dropper, usually I pull half at a time, so that approximates to

    1/2 dropper:

    8.33mg per half dropper (60 doses)

    ... maths ... better done while not ingesting lol

  • also, I'm sourcing some alcohol based tinctures that are not as great tasting but even stronger for a similar price.

  • avoid alcohol that exceeds 190 proof

  • Thanks, Merlin. That's just what I was asking for.

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