A few things and a question

First of all, I appreciate this site a great deal. The customer service has always been great! I recently needed some good customer service and what I received was nothing short of phenomenal! I appreciate that a great deal.

I have also been very pleased with the strains I have purchased. I believe it has been a bit over 5 years since I started using this site. Again, very pleased.

I should not have, for a few reasons, made a new purchase a bit sooner than I should have, but I decided to try Happy Trees for the first time. I am looking forward to receiving my shipment. Placed my order Sunday night.

Since I am trying Happy Trees and have used Loud and Merlin previously, it led me to think about which has the quickest shipping. Merlin has always been fast and Loud, given the USPS issues has also been good to me. I am curious, how is shipping with Happy Trees?

Again, I am so appreciative of this site and the outstanding customer service. Thanks to all involved?


  • Happy Trees' shipping is top notch, and has given me the FASTEST I've ever gotten from this site. All of my orders from them has been in 2 days time from them to me (Southern Louisiana). I don't order expecting that every time, it's just happened that way. Lol!

    (No complaints for any of our shippers!)

  • My first few orders with them were extremely fast , not so much this time around ordered on Saturday. It's Tuesday and still no inform delivery or anything. I assumed that would hold true this time around and would probably have my product either today or tomorrow and now it doesn't even show anything being shipped. So I'm guessing it just doesn't matter who you order from at this point . Happy trees big plus was quick delivery and a good product but all things being equal shipping just order from whoever's got the product that you want. I won't be influenced by the quick shipping anymore. .

  • Weekends are days off from what I gathered but I put in request Friday and started seeing labels early yesterday from loud and merlin but happy trees hub seems to move a little quicker than others at times . Fingers crossed things move quickly and smoothly for everyone

  • Just always keep in mind that shipping times are never based on the shippers, they are based on the USPS hubs. Some are under staffed, some are just extremely slow. At he end of the day there's nothing we can do on our end about it. However, every shipper ships out within 24-48 hours from the time we receive your order. To get a better idea of our weekend hours, if you order after Friday morning your order will likely go out on Monday morning.

  • @BudLover Thank you so much for the great feedback! Love to hear it!

  • Yeah, we always ship out as fast as we can. Sometimes people get their orders in two days sometimes a bit more :/.

  • i ordered from them on the 2nd of feb and currently i dont have it yet and im in ohio. whenever i check on it on the usps site it says pre shipment so im pretty sure its a usps issue and not a happy trees one. i always try to time when i need to re-up my stash with how long it takes to get here but its always off by a day or two lol

  • I’ve never had an issue with Happy Trees delivery, only the updates on the USPS site.

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