Happy trees shipping request

I recently ordered from Happy Trees for first time. Great shipping time and excellent product however I want to request they use an opaque outside bag to seal the internal package contents.


The order before this was from Merlin. It had that opaque bag that was silver within the small mailer box. The outside box got partially destroyed and if it wasn't for that opaque bag the contents would have been completely visible and I would have been fucked.

Please take this into consideration.


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    2nd this request. Or wrap it in some sort of paper. Other than that I'm SUPER happy with HT. 💚😜

  • It was wrapped in paper however if you saw the photo of my package and had it been happy trees it would have been visible/clear what I was being shipped.

  • Glad your contents were safe. Always scary when something like that happens.
    @HappyTrees I order silver food bags from uline.

  • @MikeyC Yes, we'll definitely place an order for those tonight
    @MerlinsMagic Much thanks bro we'll check it out

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    As soon as you have 2 indoors (sfv og it ethos apex again) I'm coming back again. Super quick shipping and that ice pie is fantastic. Half pint looks good to me too

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    @MikeyC Awesome! I'm glad you're liking it . :) The indoors are getting cured right now so check back in a week or so and we'll have a good selection. Just put in a large order for non see through bags also, that's going to be part of our shipping process going forward from now on.

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