Dog Walker Shatter

Whats up everyone. I just wanted to give people a heads up on the dog walker shatter that Merlin has. They say it’s a shatter but it came to me in liquid form in some parchment paper. It is this consistency at room temp. Very hard to get a dab up with my tool. I have to put it in the freezer to get a better consistency. But can’t let it freeze all the way, because then it becomes like glass. Normally I don’t mind parchment for packaging if the right product is in there. Shatter and “pull n snap” concentrates do fine. But if you got something this fluid at room temp, you should package it in the containers to prevent waste. Taste and quality of product is very nice though. Just the packaging failed very badly. Anyway, as always, I’m so appreciative of this service medicinemman offers us. Thank you for all you do!


  • I also received a nice slab of the DW shatter today. Despite the cold weather also have a very soft and sticky product. I chilled it and scooped some up. It stretches and leaves super long threads of product - I just rolled the long strand up into a blob. For me, the buzz and taste were good. Would love to have actual shatter but it is what it is. This is not shatter but it’s a good concentrate.

  • I’d like to upgrade my rating on this DW shatter. While the consistency of it is weird, it is very clean and quite strong. 2 dabs put me out for a very long nap. 😴 Just what I needed.

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    We're going to take it down for now, and discount it. @dabadabido please mention this for a discount 10% on your next concentrate order. @medboy

  • @TheMad710Chemist also please let us know if you'd like a discount on your next concentrate order or a freebie of the sour apple shatter.

  • Dude @MerlinsMagic you are the best! Thank you for this response and offer. I will definitely buy some more at a discount to help y’all get rid of it. How do I go about applying a discount to my next order? I have also purchased the sour apple shatter and love it! Is the Ice cream cake shatter supposed to be at the 67.5 price for 2g? I noticed that strain was 80 and others were lower. No worries if it’s just a more expensive product. Just thought maybe it was a typo.

  • Just email @medboy for the discount or write it in the comments @TheMad710Chemist

  • @MerlinsMagic @medboy Thank you very much for the offer!! I sent an email through the form and will wait for a reply. Looking forward to the next order afterwards.

  • @MerlinsMagic I just got my order from you guys and I requested a split with dogwalker shatter included in it. I didn’t receive the dog walker shatter and was subbed out with something. Which is fine. But I was trying to buy more of the dogwalker shatter since I said I would when you offered the discount code. But it’s still listed on the website so if I wanted to try again, do you have it in stock?

  • Same here. I was pissed

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    hmm, let me see what's going on. I think the crew didn't get the message that we are delivering afterall. send @medboy a message please @TheMad710Chemist @Pooinaloo

    Make sure you write in the comments that you want Dog Walker only.

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