Can someone explain trim to me? I was looking at the menu and noticed premium trim. Pretty cheap also. Is trim less potent?


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  • You can make edibles with it. I'm fact you can leave it in the vac seal and decarb it in a water bath etc

  • I always order some when it is on the menu, Never disappoiinted.

  • @MikeyC @TreesPlz is it like shake where you can roll it or bong it? Or more leafy and consistent for edibles and extraction?

  • I have not ordered trim yet. However there's a forum called sousweed where people say they vac seal it, put it in a water bath at 200 degrees for an hour, then put it in a mason jar with butter or coconut or whatever carrier oil for 3 hours, strain and add to food/eat

  • @Southernbellesmoker Both. It's the trim from the edges of bud. Less potent but still useful

  • Trim is the little pieces that get cut from the buds to make them look beautiful.
    It can be hit or miss depending on the type.

    You'll often find dank indoor trim that is quite crystally and potent, great for joints and spliffs.

    If the trim is done on the close manicure only, it can be fire.
    If it includes some water leaves then it will be less potent and a little harsh.

    Best of luck!

  • I’ve been eyeing this trim for doing a BHO run with it. I’ve built a closed loop hydrocarbon extractor from scratch and I haven’t used it in a while because price of bud is so expensive where I am.

  • @TheMad710Chemist ive got some older trim Indont really want to sell because I’m concerned about it being older but it you email @medboy maybe we can do a custom order for cheap

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