Wax Crumble Suggestion

Anyone tried the new MM crumbles? I was looking at Lemon Gelato or Sour Patch..anyone tried these yet? I’ve never tried a crumble before so I’m nervous to order 2 grams. Wonder if we can split the order into 1 g of two diff crumbles?


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    You can’t split the grams. I ordered 8, tried to split 4 ways and got all of the same kind (I read after I ordered that you can only split flowers or the resin sampler). So I got regular Gelato crumble, which is one of my favorite strains from MM so I’m cool with it. Nice consistency, gold color, good flavor and a decent buzz. Full melt so the processing seems on point too. Be good stuff to get me through the holidays. I just toss a gob onto a nug and puff away.

  • I ordered the Lemon Gelato so we’ll see how my first experience with crumble goes.

  • I tried lemon gelato and purple diesel crumble. Both were excellent! The texture is similar to the more stable live resins. Not goopy, very easy to dab. Kind of a lite fluffy consistency. Easy to work with. Both are great tasting. The purple diesel does take a minute or two to work, but it’s an extremely nice sativa buzz. The hybrid effect of the lemon gelato was noticeably well balanced.
    Perfect hybrid effects IMHO.

  • Only real problem with concentrates is the smoke up so quickly compared to flower. I’ve been zombies all holiday so far though so that’s a good thing 🤗 Got another 8g of banana kush wax on the way.

  • Your right Yaqui319 the crumbles are good! Well at least the Lemon Gelato I received..hits hard at first, but the ride smoothes out with a very mellow finish..the Banana Kush sounds tasty

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