Merlin’s Grapes 🍇 & Cream Crumble

First off let me start by saying the customer service I receive here is always stellar never ever disappointed! Now for the reason you are here that Grapes & Cream is special Merlin! The nose on this one is crazy you get that funky fruity smell absolutely amazing! The taste is just how it smells 😭😍 So disappointed I didn’t grab more😢 But I shall return 😂 Thanks again for the amazing service MedMan and Merlins! All love from Hawaii 🤙🏼❤️


  • Thank you! Pride myself on being somewhat of a Customer Service super hero :wink: hahaha

  • YES! A pleasure to serve! Lots of crumble available, looking for bangers as usual.

  • I appreciate the response fellas! You guys are always on top of it💯 Just placed my birthday order and I'm so stoked!!! Much love as always my brothers 🤙🏻 God bless!

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