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What's been the longest a delivery has taken for you? Usually for me it's been 4-5 days like clockwork. But this past order is almost going on 2 weeks. Once it does I'll contact MM but has this ever happened to any of y'all, where it took this long?



  • I’ve had 3-4 days depending on the order day. But this year its been a week maybe 6 days. Once in a while it quicker...I’ve noticed one quicker than the other as far as suppliers.

  • I think MedBoy said medmamma had some new staff and also had a bevy of orders last week. Usually 4 to 6 days for me to get order. Also everyone remember holidays are coming up and deliveries make take and extra day or too soon with all the holiday mail. It usually slows a bit during holidays. Not MM fault just post office gets swamped.

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    Here is some real time tracking for you. I am in west Texas, the nearest city to me would be San Angelo (which is the largest city in the US without interstate access, btw). I have a city address I use so my actual physical location is not a factor for this delivery, but, I live out in the country.

    "Your payment has been received!" - 12:00 noon Central Standard Time - 11/13/19

    I will update as I get new information.

  • Yes that's right, I've confirmed with Med Mama. It was a perfect storm of a high order volume combined with new staff which hadn't been totally trained yet. Orders are moving out on time now.

  • I placed an order with Med Mamma on 11/4. Label created 11/6. No movement as of yet. Usually get in 4-6 days in Texas. Hoping to get shipment soon!

  • Is this site honest legit. I am honest scared of losing money

  • Its 100 legit

  • How many times have you used it before lol ima make this my permant hook up LOL

  • @Amberleigh all the oldest of members have been here for multiple years, very trustworthy people with amazing products. They know the true needs of people who aren’t fortunate enough to live in a state that accepts MJ.

  • Amberleigh.
    Totally legit. Expensive. But legit. The expense evens out due to the fact you don't have to leave your house except to go to the mailbox. And you can choose from a large variety of products.
    I've made over a dozen purchases since June of this year. I was sceptical at first, but $55+fees, for a sample 1/8 (and a free joint) was a relatively low risk for me, so I wasn't worried too much if I got ripped off. I did not get ripped off.
    Nobody has been ripped off. Not by Medicineman.
    Make sure and double check your mailing address and include the 4 numbers that follow your 5 digit zip code (look at a piece of your mail to find the 4 numbers) it's called "zip code +4".
    The "+4" is your specific "zone" for your particular mailman's delivery route. This helps to get your package sooner since it helps narrow down the destination of the package to a specific "zone" (your neighborhood). Mine for example would be 34748-7821, 34748 is my zip code, 7821 is my "zone".
    Once your package is shipped, which could take a day or 2, it will take 2-3 days in the mail to reach its destination.
    On occasion, Medicineman will experience a higher than usual volume of orders. At times like that, Medicineman may take 3 or 4 days to get around to posting your package after confirming your order.
    With that being said, 2-3 days of traveling through the postal system plus the 3-4 days of Medicineman processing, equals 5 -7 days average wait time until you are smiling with a tasty bag o' weed in your hand.
    I'm in the middle-of-nowhere Florida and the fastest delivery I've experienced was literally 36 hours after my order was confirmed. I must have got lucky and the Medicineman went to the post office the same day I placed an order.
    Medicineman is legit and always delivers.
    As long as your address is correct and you send the proper amount of Bitcoin to the Medicineman's Bitcoin wallet, you will be fine. That's where people screw up. Address mistakes and insufficient Bitcoin are the leading cause for delay and that's on you.

  • This is true, but I did neither of which. Im guessing the post office lost it

  • "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" - 5:01 p.m. CST - 11/14/19

  • Update Package finally arrived today after a gruelling 14 days. But boy was the wait worth it! Premium Mimosa is some of the best looking/ tasting/ smelling bud I've ever had the pleasure to behold. And the Indoor Wedding Cake is pretty fire as well.

    For anyone who doubts this service, be at ease. They are as professional as can be. Sometimes the post office is just slow :smiley:

  • Oldgregg.
    The post office didn't lose your mail.
    They RARELY loose anything.
    I am gonna guess you are respecting the MM rules regarding the 14 day wait before firing off a "where's my stuff?" email.

  • Old Gregg. Congrats . I just posted a reply to your earlier comment. The post office never looses shit.

  • Thank you guys im in bfe wv. I appriciate this makes me feel good. And yep cant wait for my good ol herb LOL

  • So glad you finally got your package, Gregg!

  • The hate I’m seeing on this discussion is disheartening

  • My delivery update:

    "Departed USPS Regional Origin Facility" - 7:00 p.m. CST - 11/15/19
    "Expected Delivery November 18th" - 11/16/19

    BTW: I ordered from MedMama.

    I am used to ordering on a Wednesday morning and receiving my order by the next Wednesday. It looks like I will get it a couple of days earlier.

  • "Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery Between 1:30pm and 5:30pm" - 7:15 a.m. CST - 11/18/19

    This is the fastest MedMama has delivered to me. I think the new personnel have things under control. Excuse me now, I have to get ready to go to town. :-)

  • "Delivered, In/At Mailbox at 3:55 p.m."

    Oh yeah! Thanks MedMama and MedBoy!

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    Ha ha! Thanks, BigLew. Maybe we need to start a new thread called "Useless Trivia" :-D

  • Long time customer, and generally pleased with MedMama's delivery time. The shipping label usually gets created within 24-48 hours of payment, and is in the mail no more than 24 hours after that.

    But my current order is dragging... Payment submitted on Thursday, 11/14, Shipping label only created on Monday morning, 11/18, and both USPS and I are still "Awaiting Item"...

    I think the most frustrating part is the unknown. As customers, we are totally in the dark about what is happening with our order. I once had an order that was taking forever, and in those days, MM allowed me to contact the shipper directly (one of the old ones that is no longer on the site), and it turns out the package was ready to go, but he had simply forgotten to mail it.

    So perhaps MedMama is deliberately delaying the shipping process for whatever reason, or maybe some idiot is doing their job poorly - who knows?

    Perhaps if there was a better automated notification system in place from the shipper's end, we would be more informed, and Medboy would have a lot less email to deal with...

  • Also a quirk in the normal on order...MedMama order/paymt received Fri a.m. 11/15. ..ship label created Mon. a.m. 11/18, its now Wed p.m. 11/20 and no updates. New staff appears to be delay reason, knew their had to be reason for quirky process as over 2 years ordering I could predict like clockwork the whole routine of delivery to me, that's how reliable Medicineman is. I might be out of Mj a few days maybe so I guess it will be tolerance break of sorts. You lucky legal states!

  • I once had the pleasure of visiting some friends in a legal state. Walked into a shop that could've been any old convenience store, and it was lined top to bottom with weed. Oh, the smell! Lucky bastards...

  • I understand I too had my package show up 11/18 but there has been no update. I hate waiting on things. I always have received my package 📦 it’s just taking a little longer then usual.

  • Well, here's my timeline: originally ordered 10/28, emailed 11/8 to figure out what was up (I had left the address line blank, my mistake there), got an email from MB on 11/11 saying it was going out, and here I am on 11/20, still empty handed. Nothing at all on ID. If it's not here by Saturday I'll fire off another email but jfc I'm tired of waiting.

  • Update...received notice from Informed Delivery that my order has moved and expected delivery is Sat.11/23. So it took 8 days from payment received to delivery, so just 2 days longer than the normal for me here in Florida, so no big deal, just so used to the regular routine! I have been ordering 2-3 times a month for over 2 years and this is longest delivery time I've had. That's how dependable they are....living on East coast in a state that has just "medical use" only and Doctors hesitant to prescribe Mj, Medicineman always delivers.

  • Happy to report that my order will also be arriving shortly. And like @laspace , I'm used to my routine, so when a delay inevitably happens without any information as to when things will get rolling again, it can be frustrating. But when that box of sweet, sweet herb shows up in my mailbox, all is forgiven...

  • Klaasje, I checked with the shipper and your order should arrive very soon.

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