Package forwarded?

Has anyone ever had a package forwarded on their tracking before? I ordered from happy on Wednesday and saw this morning that the package didn't go far and says it was due to forwarding instructions or wrong address/ zip. It just seems very odd and I was wondering if anyone had any insight.


  • Did you use your full 9-digit zip when you ordered?

  • One suggestion is go to your order page, and if you have auto-fill turned on, double click the address field and look at your last entries. They should pop down.

    Otherwise, this is a question for @medboy in an email.

  • I used the same address and zip I always order with and I always snap a photo

  • Well I guess I'll write medboy early then

  • Same here package was waiting for shipper yesterday now says coward to where don't know delivery date unknown all in red ink just says alert

  • Also order from happy trees no idea what's going on have to wait till Monday I guess to hear from mms forward not coward

  • Mine has nothing to do with wrong address or misinformation, made many orders here , this is a first

  • me too never have i had a forwarding notification showed up last night instead of in-transit

  • Having the same issue when I checked earlier. Now it seems the USPS Informed delivery service is down.

  • @tdk329 that's just like mine....says forward and all in red. I guess we will have to wait and see. Thanks

  • Medboy any idea what is going on here never after years of ordering have i had this show up on one of your packages Yikes!!!!

  • Whatever is going on, remember that MedMan always delivers. :wink:

  • ALLLL WAYS!!!!

  • Same status today

  • Looks like this is happening to a bunch of packages shipped at the same time. Happy is aware and monitoring the situation. If there's truly an issue and packages don't route properly, it will be handled.

  • Yall don't worry that happened to me a yr R so ago , Everything turned out good .

  • great did it ever track or just show up ???

  • I'm keeping an eye on the situation. Like MB said if the packages don't end up going through then we will reship! I've got my fingers crossed that everything works out fine though :smile:

  • i just got a notice from usps that says package held for mailbilty determination!!!
    looks like there is a huge problem guys!!!!

  • Many of us may remember October 2019.

    The spammers found this site
    The order page malfunctioned.
    USPS went more stupid than they normally are.

    I think the system in place is pretty robust. They'll figure this out.

  • Justaguy sure do it was a mess ,but i have never in all the orders i have had gotten this notification and from what it looks like its everyone who was shipped on friday from happy trees just a guess but seems very strange at the least.

  • @cmweems1964 , am not sure after that I stopped checking informed delivery and till this day I will never check on a package. Call me old school butt its just for my peice of mind

  • And I trust the us government are any agencies ZERO percent. Informed delivery can be monitored by postal service to see how meney times you visited

  • I am with you guys. Same issue now. Fingers crossed

  • I posted in the other thread. Medboy is aware. After 10 days of they don't show they will reship. A moot point for now.

  • Spoke with @HappyTrees, Re-ships will be going out starting tomorrow! Thank you sll for your understanding and patience.

  • Medway the prices on green house light asset. Have gone back up to 210 from 195, was fixed for .a minute now prices up again on 420 so I won't be ordering today like I had planned. @MerlinsMaguc you need to check your prices went back up

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