Orders "Held for Mailability Determination"

Last week a portion of our packages had been flagged and seized. I'm sure most of the people whose orders were flagged and follow the shipping on their packages are already aware of this. Aside from foil wrap, we have been following the best possible opsec regarding shipping. Double sealing, making sure the box is as sturdy as possible in case it's crushed in transit, blackout bags, and new/randomly chosen return addresses and drop boxes are standard for us at this point. I'm not sure what caused our packages to gain attention. The only thing I can think of is that some wanna-be super cop at the post office noticed an influx of flat-rate boxes and became suspicious. The orders from those days had seemed to be chosen at random and flagged with some making it through and others not, making me think they weren't sure what they were looking for. Regardless the issue has been fixed on our end.

We've greatly increased the radius of which drop boxes we use to ship out of making sure that our orders are sorted and shipped from a different postage facility every day. Re-ships for the packages have already been sent out, some have already received their orders and others will very soon in the coming days. We purposely reduced our stock on the site so that we could make sure that everyone would get what they ordered, or at least as close as possible and give us time to adapt our shipping methods. Everything will be back up soon. We're really lucky to be able to work with Medman, and be a part of this awesome community that's been built around personal freedom and the fight against the insane laws built around marijuana prohibition. We love all of you guys and thank you.


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    You have no idea how much your efforts are appreciated. I like this system, and hope y'all are around for a long time. Thank you!

  • What @justaguy said. I received my package today (thank you, again) and spent the day feeling grateful and appreciative for this system! Every time I place an order I am grateful for that day a deep search landed me on the site. I LOVE not having to call a guy, cross my fingers and hope the bag of mystery weed is passable. Thank you ALL, for making this possible. I raise my vape ALL HAIL THE SYSTEM!! :smiley:

  • Faith restored but honestly I knew you could handle it and never lost faith. Keep going. X Gon give it to ya!

  • You heavy handed medicine men! Thanks @HappyTrees ! I also like one of the stickers a lot. I saw that same image yesterday (in my mind).

  • I got my reship! Thank you!!

  • Got mine yesterday! Thank you happy and medman for always coming through! We are glad to have you here happy!!!

  • Thank you so much for the reship! Very nice!

  • Thank you, Happy Trees! I love the freebies and the stickers.

  • Double stickers was actually my favorite part

  • One thing I can say that's 100 percent true. Medicine man always delveverys. I have been placing orders since 2013 old school days and never missed a package always got what I ordered

  • Wife and I came back from our business trip and our re-ship was waiting for us upon returning!! Thanks @medboy @HappyTrees !!!!

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