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What’s the chance of being able to order a sampler of flower? I would be willing to pay the additional costs involved. That or having the option to purchase additional samples adding to an existing order? Thx


  • We're trying to figure that out. At our present prices the shippers lose money on their sample orders which is why we limit them to first time customers only. We're in conversation to see if there may be a higher price at which the shippers may be comfortable offering samples for taste and selection instead of just to prove we're legit. Stay tuned.

    Out of curiosity, what would you be willing to pay for such a sampler pack?

  • Idk if like grm sampler would be wise. But i would like to see being able to split orders down to the eighth. Few times i have been like i want to try theese 4 but can only split a half into quaters. Would be willing to pay an extra 5 or 10 orso for supplies. Shipping should not increase with this. Or maybe have an indica sativa combo. You know if you order a 1/4 you get and eight of each half 2 1/4 and so on.

  • Flower samples are really only good if the same stays in stock long enough to re-order. Maybe more applicable to concentrates, I dunno. I would occasionally pay a premium, maybe up to two bills once electro currency bs is accounted for, to get a two gram concentrate sampler split four or five ways. Would love to see some kinda indica/sativa flower combo available in halves on up, or day/night vape cartridge duo. My hunt for the ideal strain ended years ago, I want one of everything on hand now lol.

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    Thx for the quick response! I would be willing to pay a "split fee" of $10 for example to split a 1/4 oz to receive 2-1/8s of 2 strains. Or $15 a gram to add samples to an existing order. Or $130 a 1/4 oz for maybe 3 different strains? Something along those lines. My problem is I'm a collector lol..it's like having a wine cellar full :-)

    I would be down for a mystery sampler too. Might be easier to prepackage. Pick Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Just a thought.

  • BigLew, you're right. You can. Part of why I brought this up with MM is because it's a confusing situation. We have the "sample" gram which is for first-time customers only and can only be ordered by itself; then we have the "freebie" gram which yes you can request as an add-on.

    We're hoping to find some kind of better offer or maybe just better language so the situation is less confusing for customers.

  • I'd be down for a discounted "surprise pack." Like maybe some bud a seller wants to get rid of but doesn't have enough to put on the menu? :smiley:

  • The "surprise pack" idea sounds good, but I think that if a supplier had a lot of bud that needed to be moved they would offer a nug of that in a sampler pack to promote its sale. - I would be disappointed if I received a sample only to learn that there was no more of it left. - The "not enough left to put on a menu" bud could go on the freebie request list... BTW: can someone request a specific strain when asking for the freebie?

  • I asked Loud&co for a sample flower because MB said it was an option for the freebie. They sent me a wrinkled up joint labeled "WR"?
    On another note. I got a 1/4 of the Indoor Kandy Kush and 1/4 of the Lodi Dodi. I filmed an unboxing video. The KK was a 7g bag of huge, firm, sexy nugs (4 nugs made up the whole 7grams). The LD was the complete opposite. There were approximately 30 small "one hitter", bottom-of-the- barrel, pea-sized pellets. It is noteworthy that there was no shake in the bag.
    Side by side, the KK makes the LD look like left-overs. In my opinion, the Lodi Dodi I recieved should have been advertised and priced as "smalls", none the less, at least the Lodi Dodi is good quality smoke, tasty and potent and has been effective medicine.
    The KK is exactly what you would expect high quality, well taken care of Cannabis to be. That's all I have to say.

  • Good to know everyone, this is great feedback all around!

  • Cool thing would be a 2 strain morning night strain sampler 1/2 and half only offer as a whole and at the normal price?

  • As Landrace pointed out, there's no point in offering samples if a strain is limited in time and quantity. (Well, it's fun but bad business.) Let shippers figure out what makes sense and will both boost sales and make people happy. On the current menu, fully 3/4 of the strains don't appeal to me because a) the pics aren't all real (or they're very bad photographs); b) the descriptions don't engage me. Would I totally change my mind about Manitoba Trainwreck if I tasted it? Probably. I really don't like trainwrecks...Anyway, I would carefully and methodically test bud samples before making my purchases and this would, in turn, lead to more purchases.

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    Yeah sometimes (like right now) two different strains from Loud have the same pics. I ordered the Strawberry Diesel and the appearance is very much like the one posted. I’ve looked at Sherbert before and I imagine that’s the one missing the diff pic. Haven’t received an ugly bud yet 😊. In regards to samplers I wish we could purchase 8ths, but I’m not complaining.

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