420 Raffle



  • Thanks for the raffle @HappyTrees. your efforts are noticed and appreciated.

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    4 OZ Ice-cream Cake HappyTrees 420 raffle

  • @HappyTrees if not too late, zip of blue city and zip of lemon

    HappyTrees 420 raffle

    Thank you!

  • I mentioned you in the comments. Bottle of Slurp.

  • I want in on it too

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! The winner of the 4/20 raffle ordered 1/2 oz of Ice Cream Cake on 4/20. Congratulations! If this sounds like you keep an eye out for an email from Medboy. Once we hear back from him we'll ship out the Oz of your choosing!

  • Good choice- I'm looking to get those smalls split mendo and cake next

  • Congrats to the winner! @HappyTrees the raffles keep things interesting around here thank you and hope you all had a great 420! Btw those Sherbadough prerolls are 🔥 More of those or that brand plz!

  • Agreed. HT is onto something imho and I applaud their thinking, as well as transparency in the forum. MM may want to consider raffles, contests, giveaways, etc now and then to bump overall order volume during slowdowns. As a career marketing man, I’ve seen offering anything with added value really can work, and it helped make easier my decision to shop yet again with HT.

  • This is amazing! Thank you @HappyTrees I saw the post yesterday and had to double check what I ordered lol. Just got an e mail from MB this morning!
    I think this is the only thing I have ever won(especially of this value)
    Thanks everyone! I really am glad to know about this place and it is great to have such a great selection and service. @MikeyC yes I am looking forward to the ice cream cake!
    HT thank you so much for offering these raffles. Your bud has been great quality and it's a little piece of OR which I have been missing.

  • Congrats!

  • @nefgreen Congratulations! We'll be shipping out your prize tomorrow, we hope you enjoy it :)

  • @HappyTrees thank you so much I'm looking forward to it!
    Ice cream cake was waiting for me after work and it is 🔥. I am thoroughly lifted lol

  • congrats!!

  • Thanks again Happy Trees! The prize oz of Garlic cookies was waiting for me after work yesterday! Didn't seem too dry as others were saying...nice garlicky musky aftertaste and the high is great; a nice body high for sure. Included joint smells amazing as well!
    I feel honored to have won this and I think the raffles in general are a great way to give back to customers and draw in new ones. 💚

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