Is anyone else experiencing delays from Loud?

Hi everyone!! I placed an order with Loud & Co last Wednesday and still no label created. I’m starting to wonder if I made an address mistake on the order form. After many many orders over the years, this is the first time I’ve gone a week without at least seeing a label created. Is anyone else experiencing a delay?



  • I just put in request yesterday so we'll see but 🤞 for you and everyone

  • Thank you @Vapedad78 ! Appreciate the info and positive vibes!! :smile:

  • My last couple of orders with loud, ID wasn't working or updating. Nothing showed & I received it in a square box in 8 days. Hope this alleviates some stress.

  • @dabadabido hell yeah mean shit we're all in the same or similar boat, world going crazy and peeps just tryna treat symptoms effectively and affordable as possible with any leftover or budgeted funds from the month. The team here kicks ass and things happen and issues arise but they've always rectified and fixed and seem to keep everyone happily returning rather than begrudgingly which is quite a feat,

  • Thanks @ChunksEggo8187 for that info. Glad to hear this is not abnormal. Will be watching the mail closely over the next week or so. @Vapedad78 , we’re in the same boat trying to navigate these crazy times and keep cool! 😂 Very thankful for this site and the online community here!! ☮️

  • Loud is notorious for no label. Shows up 99% within 10 days.

  • Excellent!! Thanks @MikeyC !!

  • 🤞 I put in a order 4/5/23 for purple Tahoe alien 👽 & a bag of letgo’s 🍄with loud …hope shipping doesn’t take that long 😅🤞

  • Yeah placed an order on the 27th. Products from both Loud & Merlin. Merlins arrived in 7 days, 1 being a Sunday. Still waiting on the stuff from Loud.

  • I find Loud usually takes up to 10-12 days for East Coast.

  • Update: Still in limbo on day 12 after order to Loud. Ordered Wed, 3/29, and still no sign of the package on ID or in the box. Fingers still crossed. On Wed I'll send a note to MedBoy.

  • That sucks hopefully you get a ta-da and it shows, still haven't seen sight of LD from 4th and still just label created for Merl on 6th but getting down to the nitty gritty knew should put in beginning of week but talked myself outta it with end o month budget but should have just bit the bullot, fingers crossed for ya and may the green gods looks down favorably upon us all

  • Super frustrating, still waiting on my order from March 27th!

  • Sorry to hear that hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, it's like a coin toss with that hub either moves smoothly and quickly under a week or gets held up it seems but always comes thru but that's why put in additional request from other vendor just in case and pray one gets on the fast track🤷🤣 good luck finders crossed for ya

  • Yea My order from the March 27th has not arrived. Its never been this delayed. Im going to give it a few days because I know MM always delivers !

  • If your order included Shatter and was made within the last 2 weeks from Loud N Co, please email me!

  • Does that go for everyone @medboy? I actually placed an order on April 5th and i received everything in that order that was from Merlin on Monday. The only thing I ordered from Loud & Co was shatter, and not only haven’t I received it, but there hasn’t even been a label printed yet, there is zero info in informed delivery about this package. Now, I know its only a week out, and I definitely won’t bother u guys by email till the two week time period expires, but since i saw u mention this here I thought i would mention how strange it is that the rest of my order from Merlin already arrived without any problem, but the shatter from Loud hasn't even had the label printed yet and its already been a week since i placed the order….either way let me know if there are any issues i should know about with Loud and their shatter, if not I’ll just wait the required time and if i still have no new info, then Ill reach out to the email…..

  • @medboy I ordered some slurricane shatter march 30th, emailed you earlier today!

  • Praying for a green miracle today still nothing updating so we'll see when the man passes by today

  • Came and gone but still nothing from either unfortunately and no updates on either can see anyways so not sure what the deal is

  • Yea it sucks wont have anything to smoke by 420, I ordered almost a month ahead of time too lol

  • @GanjaLion right? Put in with 2 different vendors at different times to try keep that from happening and still happens

  • Had to go local...don't want to but have to when stuff like this happens. You try to plan accordingly but I guess that's life...

  • Nother day with no boxes in the chute was day 10 for LD and a week for Merl but highly unusual for neither to touchdown by now so wondering what the deal is, got lot of other things going on and was tryna budget for the sale but takes much longer I might have to dip into sales budget for local much as I hate and been trying not too

  • HI! If you ordered shatter from Loud N Co within the last 2 weeks or so please reach out to me if you haven't already. Thanks!

  • Loud from the 4th finally has a label this morn was hoping to see Merl from 6th today but looks like tomorrow earliest unless I get unexpectedly surprised today but it'll show just taking longer than usual

  • @medboy Left you a msg about the shatter from Loud & Co, sorry I just saw the msg saying to email u….

  • Same here as with @Vapedad78. Contacted Medboy last week to decide how to proceed and the label showed up on ID Sunday afternoon. Looks like we are good to go for this week! :smiley: 👍

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