Why has my order stuck in pre-shipment for a week from @MerlinsMagic 😭. So grateful for y'all but frustrating


  • @gab126 I'm in the same boat as you most of the time I receive package in a few days after ordering but the last couple of orders have been like that for me pre shipping label created usps awaiting item for a week now

  • @gab126

    My last order from Merlin was like that too.

  • Yes. Last 2 same. Not sure but definitely has changed

  • Mine finally started moving after right at a week or just over and should be hitting tomorrow but one from loud couple days before just had label made so no telling when that'll show, hubs are crazy ATM and ID been basically useless since only label if that

  • If your package is on pre-shipment for a week, it is likely the UPS not picking up packages as often. I do know a hub one of the shippers used went from pickups twice/week to now once/week.

  • @medboy can you check on my package I still haven't received it. I ordered 8 carts of buddha bliss from Merlins the Monday before this past one and it's still saying the same thing usps awaiting item. Thanks in advance for any help

  • Thanks, @medboy I appreciate your response. My package is still in pre-shipment and has gone through every pickup day. My resources are so limited and I definitely rely on y'all to keep my anxiety in check. Ugh, so sorry to complain

  • @Slapjack I have responded to your email.

    @gab126 If you have not emailed me yet, email me.

  • Same here lol. Since the 14th

  • Still in pre-shipment, since the 12th.

    @MerlinsMagic please ship?

  • Has anyone had better shipping experiences lately with Happy Trees? I’m basically a Merlin guy, but if they don’t send, what can I do?

  • What is the hold up with shipping orders out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so unbelievably disappointing. The package I ordered on the 13th is still not being shipped out. If I order again it won't ship and will be backed up with everybody's 420 orders for at least three weeks. I will have no meds in less that a week. Please somebody do something.

  • Dang that one hub switching from twice a week to only once weekly must be really bottle necking things

  • Hey thanks for tagging me.

    We definitely delivered to the post office so most likely they were stolen by a postal workers and will need to be reshipped.

    Occasionally the post office will lose them and then find and deliver them, so we like to wait a bit to see what happens.

    It sucks to not get your meds on time, and sucks for us to have to ship again, losing product, time, hassle and $.

    But don't fear, we will take the loss from the post office and take care of you as always.

  • Looks like there were several that were delayed by the post office (not on our end) and have been delivered. Besides one guy who had an inaccessible mailbox?

  • @MerlinsMagic My was delayed finally made it here. Thank you keeping all of us updated.

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