Sativa flower fans - what are some of your current menu favorites?

Recent wins not on current menu....Hawaiian Dutch, Jack H, Hot Rod, Skunk Hero, Red Mandarin, Tropicana Punch, Durban Poison.


  • Louds Grapefruit was a good sativa as well.

  • Lightning Jack is where it’s at!

  • @bluedreamer that grapefruit did look great! Mimosa has been one of my favs the last few yrs. saw on another post the batch up now is 🔥.

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    Full Moon was a great one. It's a landrace sativa, very similar to the decades old Thai Stick.

    It's seriously like a completely different drug than what we all normally smoke.

  • Current menu, I pulled the trigger on Indoor Gary Payton, Mimosa, and Super Lemon Haze. And some Cactus Cooler carts.

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