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I converted it to btc and sent it, seemed to go through.


  • Converted $ amount to btc and sent.

  • Jesus christ I feel sorry for medboy today

  • @nefgreen and yesterday lol there's been problems stacked on top of problems the last few days

  • If you converted it yourself, email me.

  • @medboy still saying inf bitcoin tried to make another order bc I still haven't gotten a label from my 420 order

  • Labels aren't going to be lightning speed for 4/20, we get hundreds of orders and we have normal business hours.

    I haven't heard of any "INF" issues since 4/20. That's odd. I would definitely keep trying or give it a little time.

  • @medboy thank you tried 3x earlier I'll keep trying

  • I have gotten some emails since. A few people had the same issue but have since reported it is working again.

    The INF issue is caused by a disruption with the service that provides us with the minute by minute price of BTC. Unfortunately, not something we can resolve ourselves, but we are looking into alternative services.

  • @medboy it worked after a couple times thanks again for everything bro

  • Yeah that was strange but finally got one to go through thankfully

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