Medicine man is this the Medman mentioned in this article?

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California’s “Apple store of weed,” MedMen, is teetering with millions in unpaid bills, while the Canadian cannabis company Curaleaf has shuttered cultivation operations in California, Oregon and Colorado.


  • No that's a brick and mortar franchise dispensary I believe

  • Yeah diff folks

  • Nope 100 percent not this site . The one mentioned is a white market

  • I didn't think so but I wasn't sure I thought I'd ask? But the article does mention how the prices of weed has bottomed out or dropped out and I believe they're talking about raising prices here? At least I thought I saw that in a thread somewhere maybe I'm wrong.

  • @Flapples We decreased pricing a little while ago. No one mentioned increasing prices.

  • @Flapples nah that was just a temporary issue where the prices were a little higher for a few days, it's fixed now and prices are still lower than they've ever been

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